Responsible Procurement

Commercial Door Systems Ltd is a leading door set manufacturer and we strongly believe in the procurement and manufacture of products that have been sourced through responsible forestry management.

Without an independent certification system, there is often no way of verifying or demonstrating to your clients that you have met their expectations, Our process, quality and constructions are audited annually by an independent third party. The timber we use is drawn from a chain of custody supported by the following certified body.

FSC – The Forest Stewardship Council was established in 1993. FSC covers a total certified forest area of 74 million hectares in 72 countries, and 4,588 chain of custody certified companies in 73 countries. The FSC offers a credible timber certification scheme for all forest types and plantations. FSC is supported by major environmental organisations including WWF, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace, and with its distinctive label is subsequently recognised as the benchmark for responsible forestry and is generally the most widely specified body.